Mario Bevilacqua

World's Finest Fabrics



     Craftsmanship and technique, passion and creativity, history and legend, style and tradition, this is what Mario Bevilacqua can offer you in its fabric stores in Venice.signor_mario
The Bevilacqua family’s famous textile artefacts are displayed here in all their typologies: velvets, soprarizzi velvets, damasks, brocades, cushions, table runners and wallhangings, illustrating eight centuries of Venetian textile tradition.


The reception of the store in S. Maria del Giglio

   Venice, surrounded by water, like mighty walls enclosing and also protecting those arts which the world envies us, whilst appreciating and seeking them from us.  It is here that the Bevilacqua family has continued to weave with pride and tenacity for three centuries on Velluto Leoni Bizantini 009-32173its ancient Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua’s manual wooden looms for silk and gold-thread, creating those same velvets, brocades and damasks which have not only contributed to give Venice wealth, prestige and elegance, but the whole world too.
And here again, right in the St. Mark city-centre area, the Bevilacqua family is present with two historic shops, which the best press recommends visiting and includes in art-discovery tours in Venice.

Entering these shops is like entering ancient Venice, immediatelyVelluto Soprarizzo Leoni 026-3273 relishing the soothing pleasure of things of the past, real things, where modern technology has remained outside, in vain expectation.One is enveloped in velvets, damasks and brocades, also woven through in gold and silver, sensing the pungent smell of silk, and the colours cause the sun to blaze forth even in the evening.